Scholarship Opportunities for Minnesota School of Business

Globe University/Minnesota School of Business offers several scholarships to help eligible students pay for the costs of their college education. Our financial aid coordinators will help you determine if you qualify for any of these opportunities and guide you through the application process. For up to date Financial Aid information visit or contact the Financial Aid representative at your campus.

 Contact us today to learn more—call 1-877-655-7676.

Information on just a few of our scholarships

  • Globe Education Network Matching Scholarship Rewards students for finding outside scholarships by matching them up to $1,000
  • Business Alliance Scholarship Awards 10% of the tuition cost (up to $5000) to students whose employers are Business Alliance partners with Minnesota School of Business.
  • Professional Certification Scholarship Reimburses students for the cost of specific certification examinations.
  •  High School Scholarships We offer several scholarships and special programs for high school seniors and recent graduates.
  •  Military Scholarships These scholarships are intended for military personnel, their spouses and dependents.