Online System Requirements Online courses require a high level of interaction and participation in the course environment. It is highly recommended that students have their own computer equipped with these system requirements in order to succeed in online courses:
Internet Connection Broadband (Cable or DSL) recommended, 56Kbps minimum.
Hardware Pentium PC or better or a Macintosh computer with Intel architecture. Audio capability is recommended including speakers and a microphone.
Operating System Microsoft Windows Operating Systems: Internet Explorer (IE8 and IE9) or Firefox (3.6- 8) are recommended

Note: Macintosh computers must have a Windows OS installed. Ref:

Microsoft Windows Operating Systems: Internet Explorer (IE8 and IE9) or Firefox (3.6- 8) are recommended,

Apple–MAC OS Operating Systems: Safari 5.0 or 4.0 and Firefox (3.6) and Chrome are recommended

There are compatibility issues with the AOL web browser.

Note – IE6, IE7, Firefox 1-3.5, Safari ( 2 .0 and 3X or any verson on windows), and Java 5 are not supported by our online system.


Microsoft Office Professional 2010, 2007 or 2003, please know that Microsoft Office Professional 2010 is highly recommended. Keep in mind, some online courses may require additional software to be purchased by the student, and MS Works, Wordperfect and WordPad are not compatible with CampusConnect

  • Microsoft Office 2010 is required for the following courses (CL111, CL131, CL256, BS350, DB211, and DB311).
  • OuickTime is a recommend plug-in
  • Mac users will require a Windows platform, OS X is not compatible with the courses listed above.
  • Additional important software add on’s are available on the GU/MSB website
  • We also recommend anti-virus software, but please know that Firewall software or Norton Security Software may cause issues when using CampusConnect . For more information, see our helpdesk link on computer protection at the GU/MSB webstie
E-mail Capabilities An email account through the college email system is provided and required. Details are included within the online orientation course.
Internet/Computer Access Students who do not own a computer must have consistent access multiple times per week to a computer that meets these minimum requirements.