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We are excited to have you as a student of Globe University/Minnesota School of Business. When looking around for an online college that’s right for you, look beyond the programs that are offered. Find out what the college can do to help you be a successful online learner. For over 125 years we have focused on career education and since 2000 have expanded our classrooms through online education. At Globe University/Minnesota School of Business/ Broadview University we have made resources available to help adult online learners successfully meet their educational goals. The following information will provide you with the services we offer and how they can help you achieve your goals. Know that we believe in you and have a dedicated staff to help. Please contact me if there is anything else we can do to help you succeed and good luck with your studies!

Seth Tesdall

Director of Online Education


1-877-609-8889 ext. 54704

Things to consider for online learning

The Virtual Bookstore is your one-stop source for all textbook and course materials. This site was designed for you to:

  • Buy textbooks based on your course schedule
  • Track your textbook orders
  • Sell your textbooks back from a previous course
  • Purchase academic-priced software required for your courses

Visit the Virtual Bookstore 

All students have access to the Virtual Bookstore. Students not able to pick up thier books from their home campus can order through the website. Any student can purchase books and student-priced software with a credit card.

Purchasing Books and Software with Your Financial Aid

Books and software can be purchased with financial aid money, as long as you have approval from your financial aid administrator. Charging software to your student account may affect your financial aid award money if it was not factored into your school expenses at the start of the award year.

To purchase books or software from the Virtual Bookstore with your financial aid money, you can request a credit on the Virtual Bookstore through Jackie Pries (jpries@msbcollege.edu). Jackie will request approval from a financial aid administrator at your home campus before establishing your virtual bookstore account. Jackie will then communicate your account access to you through your student email address. If you have any questions, please call her at 612-455-4747 or 1-877-609-8889.

Need Help in Your Online Courses?

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